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My bias is Sungmin. My OTP is Kyumin. I love chocolate. I'm not a person who can control my emotion well. If I wanna cry/laugh/yell, then I'll do it. I'm not a brave girl either. I have many flaws. Okay, the point is... I'm not perfect. creeper(s)

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OT4 OT4 OT4.

these guys deserve their own WGM specials

Someone stole Kyuhyun’s sweater..

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I wanna be much more like youYour effortlessly graceful sceneThat drips from every pore of youWhere logic cannot interveneI wanna paint the town with youAnd tickle you until you screamI wanna fall in love with youI wanna say I do


Lmao. I dan think anyone remembered my previous post. But here’s the clearer version of Kyumin’s Sex On Stage >___>

i love perfect angles

Yesung:Kyuhyun really has a lot of fantasies towards destiny, so he often takes public transport.   
Kyuhyun:I  believe in destiny, every time I take the subway I’m very nervous,  because I might meet my destined one. When I’m on the walkway I always  nervously look forward, I’m like this.  
MC:You should be quite tired then, always being nervous to small things like this, but it looks like you have a very pure side.  
Kyuhyun:Yes I’m quite a pure person.  
Ryeowook:Kyuhyun, is your destined one here?  
Kyuhyun:Not here, must be on the subway. (小溪0614)


Asked Kyuhyun whether Starcraft was fun, he nodded and said “It’s interesting~” then I gave him the note asking “Is Sungmin oppa good to teach?” He thought for a while and answered that he was pretty good. Did Sungmin, sitting beside him, see????
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of course he was just being sarcastic e_e


deal with it. ( ̄ー ̄)

Lee Sungmin: “Its hard for me to get close to men than women…


…except Kyuhyun”

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cr to achechan24 @ YT


so real in my eyes

Anonymous: Heyyy you're back~~ I missed seeing you in my dash hehe :3

thank you anon. kkk, i had many fcking miserable tests. this wed i’m going to have a holiday again… so maybe i’ll go online more often that day :D


did u notice this , guys ??? the members always teasing min with ‘chu~~~~~~’

as far as i can remember ,in korean ‘chu’ mean ‘kiss’, am i right ?? 

watch at 01:07 hyuk tease min when min said he don’t know how to tell a joke

at 08:33 after sungmin explain about what kind of song mr.simple is , shindong start play a word with ‘recently,we are living happily’ and ‘i’m really surprised’ and then leeteuk say ‘chu~~~~’ full with aegyo ! the members all burst into laughters !! but did u notice ,only kyuhyun who didn’t smile at all or laugh along when all of them laugh and sungmin look really embarased „ it’s not like kyuhyun at all … the usual kyuhyun surely will tease the other too or laughing along just to make fun of them ..

i read that SJ-M member also tease sungmin with this ‘chu~~~~~’

anybody can answer my curiosity ???????????

chu~ Kyuhyun chu~

same ring, yes?

yayy!!! 5 jib! in sync